Meet the world’s first realtime sweat sensor.

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State of the art hardware

Lab grade analysis meets everyday convenience.

The FLOWPATCH is a wearable, non-invasive patch that captures an athlete’s sweat and interprets key bio-markers in real-time. We provide our users with personalised recommendations that allow them to improve their performance.

Stage 1

The adhesive layer is attached to the skin, forming a seal to capture the sweat from the region.

Stage 2

Sweat is pumped into the microfluidic channel of the disposable sensor. As it flows through the channel, it generates electrochemical reactions.

Stage 3

The reusable shell encases the sensor and interprets the electrochemical reactions, streaming the values over Bluetooth to the companion app or ANT+ to supported wearables.

Accurate. Stable. Reliable.

We use microfluidics to capture sweat in a clean, sterile environment, resulting in a lab on a patch.

Needle Free. Pain Free.

We use a non-invasive sweat capture system to wick sweat from the skin with no needles.

Instant Feedback

Our patch captures athlete’s sweat and interprets key bio-markers from it in real-time.

State of the art hardware, cutting edge software.

We combine our unique hardware with world leading data modelling to provide you with the tools you need to improve.

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AI Recommendation Engine

AI Recommendation Engine

Using world class modelling, we are able to accurately predict your biomarkers in upcoming workouts. By combining these with your supplement preferences, we can give you recommendations before, during and after your workouts.

Performance Insights

Performance Insights

Study your previous performances with our insights tool. In addition to tracking your workouts over time, we show you problem areas and provide tailored recommendations on how to improve.

Fitness App Integrations

Fitness App Integrations

You can connect all of your favourite fitness apps to Flow Bio including Garmin, Polar and Apple Health. We then correlate your biomarkers with your workouts, allowing us to provide you with more meaningful insights.