Push the boundaries of your performance with the world’s most accurate hydration sensor.

Compatible With
Garmin Wahoo Polar Zwift TrainingPeaks

Data Driven Hydration For Serious Athletes.

Meet the S1: the world’s most accurate hydration sensor. No cramps, no guesswork - all for just £329.

S1 Render

Hydration matters.

Monitoring real-time sweat losses with the S1 prevents dehydration, helps your recovery and ensures you perform at your very best. Everyone has a unique sweat profile, losing fluid and key electrolytes in different amounts.

Sweat is data.

The S1 gives you an unprecedented understanding of your body’s hydration needs for training and race-day. It measures how many electrolytes (sodium) and water you lose in real-time.

Unrivalled accuracy.

The S1's accuracy is on par with in-field gold standards. You no longer have to compromise on ease of use and quality of data. Trusted by professionals like WorldTour Cycling teams and Alistair Brownlee.

State of the art hardware. Cutting edge software.

We combine our unique hardware with world leading modelling to provide you with the data you need to perform.

App Preview

AI Recommendation Engine

Using patented algorithms, we accurately predict your hydration needs in upcoming sessions. Our coach provides recommendations on what you should be drinking before, during and after each session and race.

Performance Insights

Study your previous sessions with our insights tool. We show your hydration problem areas and provide tailored recommendations on how to improve.

Fitness App Integrations

You can connect all of your favourite fitness apps and devices including Garmin, Wahoo, Zwift and TrainingPeaks - we’ve got you covered. The S1 communicates via ANT+ and Bluetooth.