Push the boundaries of your performance with the world’s first realtime sweat sensor.

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Understand your body to maximise your performance.

To perform at your true potential, you need to understand your body. Everyone has a unique sweat profile, losing fluid and key electrolytes in different amounts.

Dehydration Statistic

We analyse your sweat to give you unique insights into your body.

  • Understand how your fluid and electrolyte losses vary during your workout.

  • Get personalised recommendations on how to dosage your favourite electrolyte supplements to prepare for and recover from each session.

  • Get race-day hydration strategies designed for you to ensure you perform at your peak.

Hydration is such a key parameter for pushing performance. If we can learn how our body is functioning as an individual in real time... that’s gamechanging. Tim Don - Ironman World Record Holder
Cutting Edge Data

Cutting Edge Data

You have never seen this data before. We tell you your fluid and electrolyte losses in realtime, giving you the ability to recover from and improve your training and plan for your races like never before.

Needle Free. Pain Free.

Needle Free. Pain Free.

We use a non-invasive sweat capture system to wick sweat from the skin with no needles. This makes the application of the FLOWPATCH quick, easy and pain free.

Seamless Integrations

Seamless Integrations

We seamlessly fit into your existing routine, integrating with world leading fitness and supplement companies to consolidate all of your hydration needs into one place.

Sweat is data

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